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Updates on CUJF from our Executive Director, Linda Bauer.

Dvar Torah - Re'eh - In Honor of Elliot Weinberg

Dvar Torah - Parsha Re'eh

by Ma'ayan Weinberg

Delivered on August 27th, 2022 at the Egalitarian Traditional Minyan at Sinai Temple

In honor of Elliot Weinberg



Growing up in CU I was often the only Jew in the room. There were so many facets of how I did things that made me unique …

Commemorating Mary Lou Brotherson’s Contributions to Holocaust Education

Commemorating Mary Lou Brotherson’s Contributions to Holocaust Education in Central Illinois

by Dr. Brian Kahn, Co-director, CUJF Holocaust Education Center

Co-written and edited by Robin Goettel and Becky Lawson

As you may already be aware, on June 6, 2022, a dear friend and colleague …

Women in Power, D’Var Torah July 20, 2022 by Andrea Aguiar

During the month of July we read the book of Numbers or Bamidbar in Hebrew which means “in the desert”. This is the fourth of the five books of Moses.  The Israelites’ wondering in the desert is coming soon to an end and so is Moses’s leadership.  There is conflict and chaos in Ba…

Message the CUJF President, Marc Snir

Dear Friends:
Year 2021 has ended, and we are entering 2022. For many of us 2021 was not a pleasant year: Covid is still with us, anti-Semitism has not abated and the political discourse in our country continues to foster fear and deepen divisions. At such times it is good to remember t…

GA 2020 Virtual

CUJF is a member of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) and together, our Federations work to make an impact on Jewish life not only in our local communities, but all over the world.

Each year the renowned JFNA General Assembly brings together thousands of Jewish leaders and comm…