Holocaust Stories of Champaign-Urbana


A Holocaust Education Center Podcast


Welcome to the new podcast where the Holocaust Education Center (HEC) presents stories from Holocaust survivors and their descendants who live or have lived in the Central Illinois. You can find each episode with a description and link below!

Thank you to Elizabeth Hess for generously recording and interviewing podcast guests. 

Episode 1 - Brian Kahn: CUJF Holocaust Education Center

Listen in as Brian Kahn from the Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation's Holocaust Education Center talks about the 1990 Illinois mandate (Public Act 86-780) to teach the Holocaust in elementary and middle schools, and how the HEC has worked to help implement that. He talks about the best ways to teach about the Holocaust, and current initiatives that the HEC has. 

Want more information about the Holocaust Education Center? Check out our website at www.cujf.org/hec.

Episode 2 - Linda Bauer: Child of Survivors

Hear Linda talk about her parents story of survival and her birth in a displaced persons camp. Listen to her upbringing in Germany, in Colorado, and her eventual move to Champaign-Urbana. 

Linda Bauer previously served as the Executive Director for the Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation.

Episode 3 - William Gingold: Family Survival

In this episode, Bill talks about his experience of surviving the Holocaust as a child and how his family rebuilt after. From the Warsaw Ghetto, to the Siberian work camps, to Ellis Island, this won’t be a story you are easily able to forget.

His family story also is documented in the book Tunnel, Smuggle and Collect - A Holocaust Boy’s Story by Bill’s nephew, Jeffrey Gingold.