Welcome to the Director's Desk

Thank you to everyone who attended CUJF’s Annual Meeting on June 10. We had wonderful music by violist Rudolf Haken, tasty food prepared by Campus Kosher Catering, and a very productive business meeting!

We elected a new president: Welcome Rebekah Noven!  She’s fairly new to Champaign-Urbana, but previously lived in Chicago, where she had experience in marketing and public relations, and also was involved in federations there.

Our two new CUJF Board members are Faye Lesht and Inbar Elazar.  Welcome!  We’re so happy to have you on the CUJF “team!”  Also, Janie Yairi and Janis Topolosky were re-elected the Board for another year of service.

Leaving the Board are Craig Koslofsky, Cecile Lebenson and Eva Ginsburg  -- Thank you so much for your leadership and ideas during your time on the CUJF Board!

This is the composition of our CUJF for the coming year:

Executive Board:
President: Rebekah Noven (2017-19)
President-Elect: Pending
VP, Campaign: Pending
VP, Allocations: Dov Cohen (2017-19)
Treasurer: Ella Slavin (2017-19)
Secretary:  David Scherba (2017-19)
General Board:
Jennie Avery (2017-19)
Laura Bleill (2017-19)
Inbal Elazar (2018 -20)
Yael Gertner  (2018-20)
Barry Isralewitz (2017-19)
Deborah Katz-Downie (2017-19)
Faye Lesht (2018- 20)
Phil Miller (2017-19)
Janis Topolosky (2018-20)
Janie Yairi (2017-19)
Janis Topolosky (2018-20)
Janie Yairi (2017-19)
In related news, I have agreed to drop the “Interim” title and become Executive Director.  I will still be 50% time, and some roles will continue to be ably carried out by two other part-time staff:  Anna Soloveychik as Program Coordinator, and Susannah Davidson as Communications Coordinator.
We’re looking forward to an active, exciting new fiscal year, as we not only strengthen our partnership with other organizations in the community – Sinai Temple, Hillel, and Chabad, but also continue to aid the needy, educate through scholarships and learning opportunities, and celebrate our Jewish culture and community.
Linda Bauer
CUJF Executive Director


Any comments or questions? You can email Linda Bauer at cujf@cujf.org.


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