Scholarships available for students attending Jewish Summer Camp

Jewish summer camp is a wonderful social and educational opportunity for our Champaign-Urbana students.

Why send your child to overnight summer camp?

Camp is fun! There are many activities like arts and crafts, sports, music, outdoor adventure, hiking, and more! Campers learn new skills and gain new interests.

Jewish summer camp helps campers to strengthen their own Jewish identity and helps them to feel part of the larger Jewish community. Campers make friendships that can last a lifetime.  This connection to their Jewish identity not only benefits the campers and their families, but is important to the community at large. A child with a memorable Jewish camp experience is more likely to grow into an adult who values their Jewish heritage, supports Jewish causes, and takes on leadership roles in their communities.

There are a variety of Jewish summer camps that serve different denominations of Judaism, or accommodate special needs and interests. Contact your child's Jewish educator for information about camps of interest. You can also contact CUJF for more information.

Champaign-Urbana students from elementary to high school age can apply for financial assistance to help pay for Jewish overnight camp. Because our C-U Jewish community sees the value in summer camp, CUJF, Sinai Temple and Champaign Urbana Jewish Endowment Foundation provide camp scholarships. CUJF and Sinai Temple work together to to coordinate camp scholarship funds for students and to maximize the number of children served.

All first-time campers, regardless of need, are eligible for a one-time subsidy of $350 for overnight camp or $50 for day camp. Need-based scholarships are also available to pay a portion of camp expenses.

To be eligible for CUJF funds, a child must have at least one parent who is a resident of the greater CU Jewish community (includes Champaign, Danville, Mahomet, Monticello, Mattoon-Charleston, Rantoul, Savoy, Urbana, etc.). Eligibility for CU Jewish Endowment Foundation and Sinai Temple scholarships varies. Overnight camps must be fully accredited.

You can download an application form from the CUJF website.

Applications are due January 15, 2019.

You can mail, email or bring the application to:

CU Jewish Federation, Human Services Committee, 503 E. John St., Champaign, IL 61820  Email:
Questions, contact CUJF Director Linda Bauer at or call 217-367-9872.

Scholarships for summer camp are also available to Hillel college students at the University of Illinois through the CUJEF Josh Gottheil Fund.  Also, students in elementary through high school in Champaign-Urbana who are going to camp or travel with an accredited program in Israel can request support from the Gottheil fund. For information on how to apply, contact CUJF Director Linda Bauer,

--- Linda Bauer, Executive Director