20 2024

Hand In Hand Webinar

11:00AM - 12:00PM  

Deeply concerned for the future? (To be fair, who isn't...)

Well we've got two incredible young people for you to meet, graduates of Hand in Hand who are now making their way in the world—and they just might leave you feeling a little more optimistic.

Sally Karaja and Bar Itamari just got back from a speaking tour in New York and Washington DC. Their stories and messages were so honest, so compelling, and so inspiring that we want to give everyone else a chance to hear them too.

Please join us for a webinar with Sally and Bar:
Thursday June 20th
11 -12 pm CST
To register: https://tinyurl.com/4cafn6vy

Hope to see you there!
Our social media accounts remain dedicated to amplifying messages of empathy and hope during these hard times. Follow (and share) for some inspiration too!

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To celebrate the school’s 20th birthday, the kids, parents, and staff at HIH “Gesher” school in Wadi Ara created this exceptional moment together. (Also, there’s some surprise rapping!)

In a time when words don’t seem to do justice, this song offers something beautiful instead.
Typical of this crazy year, we had a succession of three 'National Days' in a row last week.

How is it possible to reach out to someone on the other side right now? Ask to hear their story.

May these days of reflection inspire a new chapter of hope and equality for our two peoples in our one, shared land.
The sharp edges of everything broken by the war are felt each day.

Keeping our precious Hand in Hand communities together through the past seven months hasn't been simple, but it's transformed us as individuals and an organization. Our teachers' rooms and student assemblies are not what they once were, nor are our parent dialogue meetings or class parties.

It's been an ongoing effort to fuse broken pieces into something new—altered but enriched by its scars. The parents of HIH Wadi Ara brought this idea to life with a breaking/repair workshop last week. They smashed an everyday staple, dinner plates, and brought different shards together in reimagined forms to create new possibility, new perspective, and new hope for all that is broken.
At Hand in Hand, we're building bridges through the moments that would normally divide us, and finding hope in broken spaces by working through them together. Wishing everyone a restful, and hopeful, weekend!