4 2019

David Myers (UCLA) The Importance of Jewish History: An Impassioned Plea

5:00PM - 6:00PM  

Lucy Ellis Lounge 1080 Foreign Language Building
707 S. Matthews
Urbana, IL 61802

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Myers’ scholarly work has touched on a number of key themes in modern Jewish history, including the history of Jewish historiography, the history of Zionism, and modern Jewish intellectual history. In addition to Re-Inventing the Jewish Past, he has also written Resisting History: Historicism and its Discontents in German-Jewish Thought (Princeton, 2003), Between Jew and Arab: The Lost Voice of Simon Rawidowicz (Brandeis University Press, 2008) Jewish History in the Oxford University Press Very Short Introduction series, and The Stakes of History: The Use and Abuse of Jewish History for Life (Yale University Press, 2018). Myers has edited nine books, including The Jewish Past Revisited,Enlightenment and Diaspora: The Armenian and Jewish Cases, and The Faith of Fallen Jews: Yosef Hayim and the Writing of Jewish History, and The Eternal Dissident: Rabbi Leonard I. Beerman and the Radical Imperative to Think and Act. He is completing a book with Nomi Stolzenberg on the Satmar Hasidic community of Kiryas Yoel, New York.

Sponsor: Program in Jewish Culture and Society