23 2018

JLI Course: What Is? Rethinking Everything we Know About Our Universe

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Chabad Center for Jewish Life 209 E Armory Ave
Champaign, IL

Contact Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel

$ Cost $ 79.00

From the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, a six-session course: 

What Is? Rethinking Everything we Know About Our Universe 

Monday evenings, April 23rd through June 4th


Imagine that you were able to rethink everything you knew about the universe, the laws of nature, your own consciousness, and the very idea of existence and reality. Imagine the new insights you will gain, the fresh perspective with which you will embark on the journey of life each morning.

What is? does exactly that. Drawing on the wisdom of Chassidic teaching, the most basic building blocks of existence are reexamined from the bottom up, revolutionizing our understanding of life, reality, and our place in the world.


See Chabad's website for more information.