CUJF and CUJEF are excited to invite you to



A Virtual Shavuot Concert


Featuring Zach Mayer with 
A Special Performance by CU Community Members


Sunday, May 16 @ 4:00 pm


Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation is bringing Zach Mayer back to our community for a virtual concert to celebrate Shavuot. As part of the program, Zach is inviting all CU community members to learn River’s Nigun, one of his newly composed songs, and to participate (by singing or playing an instrument of your choice) in a virtual group performance that will premiere in our CU Shavuot concert. 


Who is Zach Mayer?


Zach is an emerging talent in the Klezmer music world. He not only masterfully performs traditional music but is part of a new wave to revive it by composing new melodies. Many of you experienced his joyful music-sharing at the CUJF Hanukkah events last December. For the Shavuot concert, he will perform material from his new album, Zamru. These newly composed pieces are set to traditional words from the liturgy that are perfect for themes of the Shavuot festival.

How do I participate in the virtual group performance?


You have two options for participating. You can simply sing or play your instrument of choice along with Zach as he performs the River’s Nigun song during the actual concert. 


Alternatively, you can use the sheet music provided by Zach to learn River’s Nigun ahead of the concert, and then record yourself either singing or playing your instrument of choice using a collaborative music app called Soundtrap.  Zach will then edit all the individual recordings into one seamless group recording which he will share at the concert!

How can I learn the song for the virtual group performance?


You also have two options for learning the song River’s NigunYou can learn it on your own from the music sheetAnother option, kindly offered by Frances Harris, is for you to join one of Frances’s group learning Zoom sessions. She will teach the song, and also review the steps for logging into Soundtrap and doing your individual recording.


Register for Wednesday, May 5, 7:00 pm Zoom Group Tutorial

Register for Tuesday, May 11, 7:00 pm Zoom Group Tutorial



How do I make my individual recording of River’s Nigun?


Zach has shared the music sheet, as well as a recording of a simplified version of the song that matches the sheet music. Please join Frances's zoom tutorial on how to make a recording or contact Frances or Yael Gertner for help.


Download River's Nigun Music Sheet

Download River's Nigun Simplified Recording

Join River's Nigun Collaboration! Project on Soundtrap
(You will need to sign up for an account before you can join the project.)

IMPORTANT! Recordings need to be done by May 12, so Zach has time to create the final group recording. Thank you!